The Diana Foundation: 65 Years of History
The Diana Foundation is excited to announce the publishing of its 65-year history as presented in a 152 page coffee table styled book. Full of pictures and stories from the very first gathering of Diana through the completion of our 65th anniversary, readers will be transported through time. For over six decades, Diana members - members of the Houston gay community - made significant contributions and helped shape one of the most vibrant and philanthropic cities in the country. Order your copy today!
What may have started as a watch party for the Academy Awards in 1953 has evolved into a robust, fun, and giving organization. The Diana Foundation is recognized as the oldest continuously active gay organization in the United States. Our book celebrates the contributions of our members, highlights our organization's humble beginnings and struggles, and showcases our bond with the Houston community. After 65-years, our future is bright and the spirit of Diana will forever be a part of our shared history. 
Los Angeles has the Oscars. New York City has the Tonys. Houston will forever have the Dianas.
Book Details
- Title: "The Diana Foundation: 65 Year of History"
- Price: $125.00 per copy
- Shipping option available
- Hardbound edition only
- 152 pages
- Printed in the USA
- 9" x 14" in size
- Information spanning from 1953 to 2018
- Authors Brandon Wolf and Christine Doby
- Contributions made by John Heinzerling, Tanner Williams, and Harry Guyton
- Design by Graphic Granola - Austin, TX
- Published summer of 2018
- Estimated distribution of orders is September 2018
Generous Support and Contributions
Special thanks to our many generous donors for making our book project a reality. The Diana Foundation: 65-Years in History is fully funded 100 percent by individual donations. 
Make a donation today to help share our story with the world. Proceeds will help provide books to public libraries in the City of Houston and Harris County. Copies will also be donated to gay archives around the world.
The Diana Foundation Book Project Committee
- John Heinzerling, Co-Chair
- Tanner Williams, Co-Chair
- Harry Guyton, Contributor
Order Information
Only a limited printing of 250
copies will be available
for public sale.